Wednesday, 2 January 2013

sharing the journey

Sharing fantastically-full feasts with friends has helped me to follow a successful path on my journey with raw foods. Finding like minded people on my turned off the main highway kinda life has allowed me to soar, missing a lot of potholes and bumpy times…and creating potlucks instead.
My first two years was undeniably hard. With no-one to share my insights, recipes and struggles with, I created a mask of positivity, repeating mantras of how amazing I felt…when the truth was I felt alone, unsupported and misunderstood.

When I finally met my raw food angel, I felt myself metamorphosise.

My wings unfolded, my eyes opened and I stood up to the light.

Meeting once a week at a local homeschool group allowed us to share scrumptious lunches, recipes, books and publications from a world different from the one we walked with others.

A couple of days before our coming together, time was well spent in preparing sumptuous banquets for each other, creating new recipes that kept us on our chosen paths throughout the week.

Spreading our delectable goodies in picnic fashion would get others excited, watching what we’d brought to the table, and we’d share love, inspiration and nibbles with curious friends. Children loved eating from our plates and so, through our friendships, we were able to support others in health-full eating choices too.
Arriving home well satiated with a nutrient full tummy and a clear connected mind, dinner would be swapped leftovers from our feast, and would often see us right for another couple of days.

New inspiring recipes, books and tribulations to share, bolstered up with honest musings over long telephone calls in times of need allowed us to be honest and supportive to one another.

My friend and I shared an important time together and I miss our well trodden path of love.

Yesterday, a tribe of health-full souls came together in a circle of support, as a raw food gathering connected the dots.

Holding an ‘Introduction to Raw Foods’ presentation at my home of retreat introduced more than a new way of living. Throwing a lifebelt to some, new ideas at others, what they all walked away with was friends that met at the same cross roads, a support network to bounce ideas off, evenings of inspiration to come and a library of books to devour.

Collectively tuning in, making light of a new path ensuring new adventures will be recognised and shared.


1 cup sesame seeds
2 tbsp honey
2tbsp tahini
1tbsp cacao nibs
1/ Grind the sesame seeds to a fine powder
2/ Pop in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mix together
3/ Pop into a mould and refrigerate before dividing into squares and sharing among friends.
This is fantastically simple, speedy and fun to share. Great for when you are bombarded with love and having nothing to pass round.  
Grabbing a friend to feast with on your journey is a sure fire way to fill up with valuable nutrients.

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