Tuesday, 22 July 2014

100% happiness guaranteed

You haven’t got time to take a day off.

Yep! I totally resonate with that statement. After all, I’ve made it my mantra for…I can’t even count the years.

And I still find it challenging to take a whole day off. 

Not checking the overload of other peoples schedules in my inbox, breaking the family routine, not making three meals a day, every day. Stopping reading, talking, helping someone with regards to work.

I find it more manageable to take bite sizes of time off…like when I’m asleep, or in the shower, or in the car on my own in between dropping and picking up children from various playdates, classes and sleepovers. Time off in my books is the weekly shop without kids, playing on social media, reading a book on biz, helping a friend in need.

Taking a day off is the most important factor of living life more. 

Without that day to yourself to do whatever it is you like to do to rejuvenate, recuperate, revitalise and rewind, life naturally winds you up and spits you out leaving you spiky, exhausted and no use to anyone.

Go on, try it! Take one whole day off to yourself.

Yes, I know you’re really, really busy and you can’t possibly do it today. 

Maybe next week sometime…go on…dig your heels right back into that stuck in the rut you’ve made yourself.

I can't possibly take today off because I gotta write a blog, fix the toilet, pack up the kids lunch, fill in trenches, prepare dinner, make beds, chop wood. 

I hear the mantra. I know wotcha saying!

I’ve been overwhelmed with the routine and needs of life, family and everything. My creativity has lain in a crumpled heap alongside the trug of clothes that should’ve been folded tidily away into drawers sometime last week. My physical needs have demanded I take some time out as I hammer away at the keys. My productivity rates slid down the scale as I put myself down the back alleys of self care, alongside the remains of chaos and overwork.

So, what is it that’s impossible to put off? 

What’s so urgent that it can’t be timetabled into another day, gifting yourself some well deserved rest, play and self care?

I gifted myself with a day last week. 

My day of work became a day for me. 

I had to be pushed outa the door…my beloved thought it was the best idea I’d ever had! I got permission from someone else, and I still had to take the leap of faith that my life wouldn’t crumble around me while I was looking after number one.

And you know what?

I came back joy-full, free, relaxed and happy. My head was busting with new ideas for famliy happiness, business prosperity and solutions to challenges had been answered while I took myself for a bush whacking exercise into my back yard of the wild. 

Sunning myself on the beach, dunking my head under the waves and giving myself a virtual swim, looking out at the horizon rewired my neural patterns, put life into perspective, gave me back my freedom and perspective on life, the universe and everything.

In fact I was so fully charged that I had the most productive week ever!

And taking advantage of losing power at home during a weekend rainstorm, therefore loosing the ability to make gourmet meals, do the never ending laundry and checkin in on the ‘lose an evening to facebook’ game, I gifted myself more than free time. 

I supped up the energy of recharge and turbo powered my way through the next workday, giving myself the freedom to book my next day off the following week.

Go on, I dare yah! Gift yourself with a day off tomorrow!

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