Thursday, 25 April 2013

wrappin' up summer

My hearts bangin' in my chest and I'm drooIing at the mouth. I'm getting heart palpitations at all the plants yelling out to be eaten this month. 

What a gloriously gratifying month April is. 

Fruit's dripping off the trees, and our senses are hammered with the overflowing flavours of our labour. 
The dehydrator is at full whack and I am eternally thank-full for my fruit flies who know what to do with the produce that hangs out waiting to be stored for the winter months.

They guzzle it fresh. 

Feijoa juice clings to salty skin, figs tossed down whole. Pears, zuchinis, tomatoes, sapote and apples have little chance to be hangin' out together in storeage. 

Bellys rubbed, jiggled and juggled to squeeze in a wee bit more. Tanks topped up for nut foraging expeditions, my four year old's turned squirrel as she disappears into the trees and buries her treasure for another day.

Squeezing everything into a day is a mission. 

Life's full, fast and fun....and sticky! 

And there's the need to be flexible when I'm hangin' out with my children all day. So, I watch and learn and have my fill. 

We eat more than we come home with. 

The only time of the year I have no worries about over eating! 

Imagining our bellies as pantries, and trusting the innate wisdom of ourselves, we gorge, suck and guzzle sun ripened vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals, preparing our bodies for hibernation.

Making the most of the waning sun-fuelled days, we leave the indoors behind and head to the beach. Stripping naked and drenching our skin in Vitamin D, bathing in the pools of mirrors and floppin' ourselves on shell encrusted rocks, we hang out like seals, with nothing particular to do but be. 

And as night fall always comes sooner than expected, three tired children walk home with mama; starving, needing, aching for food. 

And it all falls into place. 

As long as these tortillas are slowly drying out, I never need to think ahead.

And whatever flavour the tortilla oozes, reflects the choice of filling. Burrito style, apple puree filled crepes, pate, full-afels, raw hummus, burgers, sprouts or plain avocado... throwing in whatever you have an abundance of ... tea is only five minutes away.

courgette tortillas
3 grated courgettes
1 cup flaxseeds, ground
handful fresh herbs; coriander,parsley
1/2 cup of water

1/ Process all the ingredients together until a sloppy batter
2/ Pour onto sheets and dehydrate for 8 hours, or pop in oven on lowest setting , keeping the door ajar.

apples/pears instead of courgettes
cinnamon/ginger instead of herbs

dry out longer to make crunchy crisps
I like to make apple cinnamon wraps folded like a cone and fill with icecream!

It's a wrap
2 courgette tortillas (or if you need to be faster, a dark green leaf like silver beet is yummy too)
1 avocado
carrot, grated
tomatoes, chopped
cucumber, sliced
dollop of raw humous
lashings of mung bean sprouts

1/ Assemble all the above ingredients inside the courgette tortilla and wrap it up
2/ Hand to the first in the queue as you get on with making more!
3/ Alternatively, bung everything into little bowls, pop onto the table and let everyone make their own dinner!

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