Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I’ve done cold turkey and it aint that pretty.

Getting edgy, mild panic palpitations and a crazed glint in the eye… thoughts about my food stash and where my next hit was coming from.

Hopefully from something sugary.

Maybe from something to make it all better. 

Definitely playing snakes and ladders that’d take me right back to the beginning!
When I started to eliminate foods that I knew were doing me no favours, I was surprised at the ferocity of my denial. With my body’s demands and my monkey brain giving the chatter, it took a couple of focused weeks to get myself under control.

It’s only food after all.

And that’s what I had to keep telling my family too! If I couldn’t have that fresh loaf of juiciness with all the sugary toppings, how could I sit there and watch them eat it too?
The body’s a master at chucking out the crap that we put in.

Eliminating toxins is the livers job and they usually exit the body in bowel movements or through the skin’s pores. 

Spring cleaning my body the first time was an evolutionary revelation, decluttering me of unnecessary stuff that I’d held onto for years, helping me to shine my light.

I thought myself as being health-full and was surprised at the truth.

Headaches, drowsiness, irritability, congestion, insomnia and stomach bloating had me worrying about chronic fatigue symptoms returning, a bug picked up or worse, some terrible fatal disease yet unknown by medical establishments.
However, knowing that raw foods couldn’t possibly harm me, I settled down and watched the symptoms wash over me like gentle waves, grateful for when my engine gently purred along.
In the early days, if anything ever got too intense, I gently added something back to my diet that I’d taken out.

This not only fed me emotionally, but got me through some testing times.

Over time I found supporting my body with hydrocolon therapy and dry skin brushing stopped the need for excuses in continuing the yo-yo effect of returning to toxic foods.
Wanting the immediate effects that I’d read about; weight loss, sparkling eyes, radiant skin, emotional stability, increased energy and mental clarity, I became frustrated that maybe this wasn’t the route after all, that somehow I was different.

In reality, I needed to slow down and allow my body to gently wake up to the new me.

Gradually, as the weeks turned into months, I remember the light bulb moment when I saw my clothes were hanging off me and that I’d accomplished a long time goal.

That’s when I perked up and listened with eager ears.
The raw food diet will start the elimination of toxic waste at the cellular level. Our body gets rid of everything that it has no use for and works on dissolving tumours, ulcers, abscesses and cancerous growths. On this journey of self healing, deep seated diseases you weren’t aware of having might surface, physically in the form of fever, skin eruptions or nausea or emotionally in dreams, mood swings and irratibility.

Don’t get worried and trust your bodies innate wisdom to heal itself.
Eventually I gave in to my body, and do so more now than ever. When I’ve pushed myself too far, I treat myself with time out, an early night or even better a night off!

Knowing my body’s looking after me when I look after it keeps my thoughts positive and my health banks full.

Peg Snyder says:
Glad I found this article. I am about to start a plant based diet called the E2 Diet…..written by an Austin, Texas Fireman/Triathlon. Like you I will be ridding my body of all the gunk I have been putting into it and just eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for 28 days to start off with. So it’s interesting to read your article and prepare myself for what I might encounter in this cleansing. Thank you for sharing.

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