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Raw birthday – by raw foodie Sarah Lea
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Birthday season is officially over. In my family’s nest that is. Party number five done and dusted, with a very happy seven year old as an outcome. Over the course of two days I’ve managed to cut two decadently delicious raw chocolate brownie cakes into enough squares to feed over 50 drooling devotees! What a happy bunch they were too. We’re blessed to have such wonder-full friends who are willing to forgo dairy, wheat and sugar to join in on our celebrations!
And an amazing organic shop who not only supplies the raw ingredients to create such divine treats, but also sells tantalizing temptation take-outs such as raw pumpkin pie, key lime tart and purple guava cheesecake that we eagerly snaffled away to the playground and gorged on a deliciously impromptu picnic lunch while the children let their energy rip round the park.
That and a handful of sprouts with a couple of carrots eaten on the run was all that was needed to get us to the beach. Galloping after a pony and cart five kms to the sandy arena, I relished the thought of the amazing energy reserves my body was gifted at lunch. With my two girls in the cart and my husband and baby in the car, I allowed my wings to lift me free of daily restraints as Moonbeam trotted ahead on the sand and kicked up the streams of water, whinnying in excitement at his raw lunch … a couple of gifted apples and a garden of lush green Spring grass.
It was awe inspiring waiting on ten princesses at the royal banquet the following day. Crystal glasses filled with pink kombucha clinked and sloshed as the birthday girl was blessed by her friends in honour of her seventh year. Parents happily became waiters and bus boys as we held our breath.  The dining room filled with classical music kept the girls in a dreamlike trance … fully living the dream of a makeover princess party.
With tiaras freshly created perched on their silken heads, they were served fruits and vegetables in all manners of pre-prepared guises. Healthy and enticing raw finger foods interspersed by candlelight and the sweet essence of jasmine ensured that the royal guests were able to choose what they wanted, keeping bellies full for play and leaving little untouched. Round after round of raw delicacies were brought to the table to be devoured. The finale, a cake stand full of simple dried mango strips dipped in raw chocolate, buck-crispy cakes, jellies and pineapple wedges. The parents could hardly believe the attentiveness, the silence and the beauty of the performance. Leaving sugar highs and lows for another day, they took what they needed leaving their parents to swoop in grazing on the left over cake!
Buck-Crispy Cakes
1 cup coconut oil
2/3 cup lucuma
1/4 cup cacao powder
1 1/2 cups activated and dried buckwheat groats
1/2 cup raisins
pinch of himalayan crystal salt
pinch of purple corn extract (optional)

1/ Gently melt the coconut oil
2/ Pop the lucuma and cacao into a large bowl and add the coconut oil. Mix well until smooth
3/ Add the groats and raisins
4/ Spoon into little silicone or paper cup cases and refrigerate
Cram into your mouth and let nostalgia slip into your body.

Sarah Lea
ps/ Children may be overfed with things that make them lose completely their healthy instinct for food, whereas by giving them the proper nourishment, the instinct can be preserved so that they always want what is wholesome for them under the circumstances.” ~Rudolf Steiner

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