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My transition into raw – by raw foodie Sarah Lea
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I never knew what it would be like to experience life now. Never felt as nourished, inspired, excited, energised and gratified by food as I do today. And it’s so empowering to know that my choice of diet can so dramatically affect the future of my health and quality of
life…those choices moving markets, shifting attitudes and improving the quality of life for future generations.
Raw foods have truly changed my life….
However, I do remember the early days of transitioning to a raw food diet, that there were times when detoxifying felt less than amazing! The way I changed over was to slowly incorporate more raw foods into my daily diet while I eliminated highly processed foods
such as coffee, dairy, fried foods and refined flours. It took a while, but that was OK. As the weeks moved into months the benefits towered over keeping the junk in.
I started with a fruit and vegetable juice in the mornings, ensuring that there were plenty of greens. Cleansing, hydrating and light this ensured that my body was able to continue the detox that it had been working on while I slept. In the earlier days I created sumptiously lip smackingly fruit salads that allowed my brain to feel full. With seeds and nuts scattered over the top I felt less deprived! This made an enormous difference and I felt my health and energy leap forward.
Feasting on an incredible salad for lunch got me through the next meal. We’re not talking side salad! Filled with sprouts, olives, avocados, seeds, various green leaves, tomatoes, sauerkraut and divine dressings I was amazed at how nourished I felt. With a special gift of a deep hand-thrown lunch bowl, I felt nurtured and energised at the way my life was turning.
Raw chocolate for pudding gave me a fulfilling pat on the back for having got through two thirds of the day raw. It really was that simple!
My cooked evening meal became lighter and being more aware of how my body reacted to foods, I chose to enjoy a small salad with a cooked vegan dish…usually curry or some type of stew served with quinoa or baked potatoes. My evenings had more clarity and sleep became restful.
I actually remember the day when I realised how much more flavour the uncooked foods had than their cooked counterpart. With no need for shop bought dressings or sauces and choosing healthy home made alternatives, this led me to experimenting with raw pasta sauces, seed cheeses and seaweed seasonings.
And then I found I’d gone raw! I just did it! I took a dive, believed and never looked back.
Sure, I’ve fallen off the band wagon over the years … but each time there’s been a lesson learned and I hop, skip and jump back on feeling stronger than ever.
Sarah Lea
Ps/ Whatever you do and however you do it, walk your own path and walk tall. Only you know what feels best for you. Take it slowly. We all have our own eating habits and emotional food issues that trace back a lifetime. While some people may have overnight transformations, the rest of us can work through a process of constantly working towards new and improved levels of health, energy and personal awareness!

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