Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Flowing with the current of christmas

Fuelling our refined engines with rabbit food this christmas just ainta option. With friends sharing our days and high expectations from the children, I've had to throw caution to the windless day and join the crowd. Ahah! you cry…the big day just aint possible without falling by the wayside…but no, enlightening desserts, chocolates and drinks have been devoured without compromising our energy levels. And everyone's been digging in!

Waking up throughout the night before christmas, checkin' on the whereabouts of St Nick, kept us on our toes. With enough carrots to help the old man loosen his belt off and alchemical laced delights for the red nosed reindeer, kept my eldest on night watch, concerned the bearded bloke would eat all the chocolate instead!

Hitting morning with little shut eye, hinted at a breakfast of super-natural powers. Chocolate mousse, walnuts and berries recharged us as we flung ourselves into the art of giving, receiving, ooohing and ahhing. Swooning from the heat, and sticky with humidity, we stripped down and got stuck in.
Giggling through gifts, resting and playing built up enough appetite to eat a mediterranean inspired feast, dining al fresco with loved ones as we clung to the shade of the grapevine. Raw pizza topped with caper berries, pesto and basil, sweet peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and nut cheese was guzzled down alongside blackcurrant wine and purple corn lemonade. A garden salad filled with the scent of flowers, raw olives and lime pickle had the tuis all of a buzz, and the air was filled with the sweet song of babies nestling in the natives.
Topping the bill was Christmas pudding. I had to stop myself from making the raw version and using dried fruits! A tiptoptastic tirarawmisu produced gasps of wonder, covered in freshly picked raspberries.

Holding our tummies and giving in, we headed to the cool, crystal waters of the river to idle the glorious afternoon away. Filled with love and gratitude, a sense of calm enveloped us with warm satin waters keeping our temples cool and clean. Slurping on sun warmed plums, squirting their juice at us, the children splashed and the dogs frolicked as we all took time to hang out and be present with the day.
Watching the little ones gasp with joy and shriek with laughter filled me with a sense of wonder of what we all have in our lives if we'd just let it in. Time. Without the restrictions of a work filled day, all techno gear turned off, we harmonised with our natural surroundings and our loved ones. Drifting gently with the day, flowing with the current, life played out a glorious set of magic. And with berry-filled custard tarts and mince pies topped with frangipani cream for dinner, we set up a day or two of fasting creating a natural rhythm for the rest of the festive holiday.

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